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Who has the best selection of concrete curing compounds in the Amarillo, Texas area? 

Tascosa Building Products is known in the Amarillo, Texas area for having the best selection of products for concrete curing compounds offered to concrete contractors. At Tascosa Building Products, a concrete contractor has choices. A concrete contractor will find a great selection of concrete curing compounds and more. Visit with the friendly staff at Tascosa Building Products for all your concrete curing compounds’ product needs. 

What is a concrete curing compound? 

After the concrete is poured, it is essential that the concrete does not lose too much water too quickly. If the concrete does have an unexpected water loss, it can affect the physical properties of the concrete. This can lead to chipping and cracking of the concrete. 

Why are concrete curing compounds used? 

A concrete curing compound is used on freshly poured concrete. It is a liquid substance that is sprayed directly onto and is used as a coating. A concrete curing compound is designed to reduce water loss or heat. When a concrete curing compound is used, it creates the best conditions that allow the concrete to form as per specifications. Concrete curing compounds will enable the concrete to develop at the correct strength. 

When a concrete curing compound is used on freshly poured concrete, the worker forms a membrane on top of the concrete. The concrete curing compound will not allow the water that is inside the concrete to escape and evaporate. Thus, it will enable the concrete to cure correctly. The concrete curing compound contains pigments. These pigments are heat reflective to ensure proper curing of the concrete. 

How is a concrete curing compound applied to freshly poured concrete? 

Concrete curing compounds are sprayed onto the concrete. Depending on the size of the concrete pour will dictate the apparatus you will use to spray the concrete curing compound. A hand sprayer is sufficient to spray concrete curing compounds on small to medium projects. It may be necessary to use industrial power spraying equipment to apply the concrete curing compound on larger projects. 

A certain amount of concrete curing compound can be sprayed onto the concrete. If using a power or hand sprayer, a certain amount of pressure should be used in the spraying process. In smaller areas, brushes and rollers can be used to apply concrete curing compounds. If there is additional concrete to be applied to the freshly poured concrete, concrete curing compounds should not be used at this time. 

Ensure you read the application instructions for the specific product a worker applies. This step is essential. If you are not sure about any part of the application process of a concrete curing compound, let the staff at Tascosa Building products provide instruction. 

Which concrete curing compound is best for a specific project? 

The correct concrete curing compound used on a specific project must be calculated. Several factors affect the curing of concrete. With concrete being a mixture of cement, water, and aggregates, water is the most prominent compound in a concrete mix. The amount of water used in the concrete mix may be dictated by atmospheric heat and cold. Sun affects the curing of concrete. 

So, concrete must have the correct amounts of water (hydration). If the hydration is not correct, shrinkage of the concrete can happen. This can lead to cracks and not aesthetically nice looking concrete, and the result can be a pour of concrete that does not have the natural finish that concrete typically has. 

Water hydrates the other components of concrete (cement and aggregate). Water allows a chemical reaction with all three of these components that results in the formation of calcium hydroxide crystals. These crystals get stronger as they absorb the water that is added to the mix. This chemical reaction hardens the concrete and makes it strong. 

If you are not sure about the type of concrete curing compound to use, consult with the staff at Tascosa building supply. Their educated staff can help you determine which concrete curing chemical to use on any project. 

Tascosa Building Products can assist with all your concrete curing compound’ needs. 

With all of the various types of concrete curing compounds on the market today, choosing the correct concrete curing compound for your specific project is essential. Call or visit Tascosa Building Products, and we will help you with everything you need for your concrete curing compound’s needs.

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