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Latex caulking sealant is a water based sealant with excellent adhesion to concrete. They are used to prevent water penetration. Latex sealants are easy to use and easy to clean up. They are paintable and less expensive than other types of sealants. Premium latex sealant has a textured finish and blends well with concrete surfaces.

With a smooth, thin consistency, latex (latex products include vinyl and acrylic) caulks are easy to apply and tool. They clean up with water, have a slight odor, and are nontoxic. Water-base caulks adhere well to most common building materials, and cured water-based caulks are paintable. Again, this product is suitable for gaps one quarter of an inch or less.

Who has the best selection of latex caulking in the Amarillo, Texas, area?

Tascosa Building Products is known in the Amarillo, Texas, area for having the best selection of latex caulking offered to concrete contractors. At Tascosa Building Products, a concrete contractor has choices. A concrete contractor will find a great selection of latex caulking and more. Visit with the staff at Tascosa Building Products for all your latex caulking needs.

What is latex caulking?

When you need to seal gaps between building materials, latex caulking is one of the most used caulks in the industry. Latex caulk is water soluble when wet and is a great product that can be painted over. Latex caulking is one of the least expensive caulks used in construction today. It is a great general purpose caulk, and it is easy to apply. It is very easy to remove when it is time to replace latex caulk.

What is latex caulk made of?

Latex caulk is made up of acrylic polymers, latex, fillers, and water. When these ingredients are mixed to make latex caulk, the mixture bonds very well with porous and rough materials. Latex caulk has a slight odor until it cures.

How is latex caulk applied?

Latex caulk is applied in various ways. Usually, it is applied utilizing a caulking tube with a caulking gun. If you are applying a lot of latex caulk, this is usually the way to go. However, a worker may apply latex caulk utilizing a smaller handheld squeeze tube on smaller jobs.

When do you use a latex caulk?

Again, latex caulk is one of the most used caulks on the market today. It can be used on all types of materials, including drywall, masonry, plaster, and wood. It is used to fill large cracks as well as small gap areas. Latex caulk cures and dries as the water in it evaporates.

Is latex caulk water resistant?

Yes. The flexible polymer of latex makes it water resistant. With temperature changes, latex caulks can expand. This product can withstand temperature variations and works well in areas with vibrations.

What happens if latex caulk gets wet before it has time to cure?

This will depend on how much moisture gets onto the caulk. Dry time will be delayed if a little moisture gets on the caulk before it properly cures. However, if a lot of water gets onto the latex caulk before it cures, the adhesion of the caulk could be compromised. Mold and mildew can grow on wettened caulk before it has time to cure. 

Can you make latex caulk dry at a faster pace? 

Yes. Sometimes placing a fan that blows onto the applied latex caulk can speed up the drying and curing process. Having air blow onto the caulk makes the water evaporate quicker. It will also depend on the ambient humidity of the room where the latex caulk is being applied. 

If you paint latex caulk too soon, what happens?

Not allowing latex caulking to dry and cure according to the manufacturer's specifications can directly affect the project. Remember that in the curing process, water evaporates from the latex caulk. If proper dry and cure times are not met, the appropriate amount of water has not evaporated from the latex caulk. If the caulk does not dry properly, the result is probably going to be that the paint will crack. This is because the curing caulk is still evaporating water and reducing in size. If the caulk reduces in size, the paint can crack.

Tascosa Building Products can assist with all your latex caulking needs. 

With all the various types of latex caulking on the market today, choosing the latex caulking for your specific project is essential. Using the correct latex caulk can save lives. Just remember that Tascosa Building Products can order any latex caulking on the market today and have it delivered directly to you. Call or visit Tascosa Building Products, and we will help you with all of your latex caulking needs.

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