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How are hammers used in the concrete industry?

Hammers are used in the concrete industry and many ways. Depending on the situation, a worker must choose the correct hammer for the project. Utilizing the right hammer for a specific job will allow the worker to finish the job correctly and in the least amount of time.

For instance, a worker about to lay sidewalks or a patio may want to use a framing hammer to drive the nails into wooden forms. Framing hammers have handles made of hard substances such as hardwood, fiberglass, and steel. The heads on a framing hammer are usually made of steel or titanium and are a little heavier for greater momentum in the hammer’s swing.

A framing hammer will have a claw on the other end of the head. This is used to pull out misdriven nails. It is also used to take concrete framing nails out of the boards when the concrete has been poured and hardened. 

Another type of hammer used in the concrete industry is the sledgehammer. A sledgehammer usually weighs between 2 and 12 pounds. Suppose a worker is busting up concrete that is less than approximately 3”. In that case, they will use a sledgehammer and a crowbar to break up the concrete. If the concrete is over 3” in depth, a worker will probably need to use some type of power jackhammer to complete the demolition job. 

How does a worker choose the correct hammer to use in a concrete project? 

The most important factors in determining the type of hammer to use on a concrete project will be the handle, the hammer’s weight, and the kind of head on the hammer. This has to do with which point in the concrete process worker is doing. Framing requires one type of hammer, and demolition requires a different hammer. The staff at Concrete Products PRO can assist you with the kind of hammer you will need for a specific project. 

What are some safety factors to consider when using a hammer?

A worker must use the correct hammer for a project and use it safely. There are many factors that a worker must consider to maintain safety on any project. Using the wrong hammer at the wrong time can damage the product and injure the worker. 

The most important factor is to use a comfortable hammer for the worker’s hand. The hammer used in a concrete job site needs to be the proper size and weight for the particular job. The striking face can chip if it is not used correctly, and this can cause bodily injury. 

The hammer a worker uses needs to have a striking face diameter on the tool larger than what is being struck. If a worker is using a chisel, the face of the hammer must be bigger than the chisel. Never use a tool with a smaller striking face compared to what the tool is striking. 

Another aspect to consider is having a cushioned handle. A cushioned grip will absorb vibrations upon impact. Also, ensure that the head of the hammer is correctly attached to the hammer. A head that is loose on the hammer handle is asking for trouble. Always replace a handle if the handle is damaged. It does not take much for a hammer handle to come apart when swinging the hammer. If a hammer has become damaged, is mushroomed, or has a chipped face, replace that hammer immediately with a new one. 

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