Who has the best selection of jumping jacks in the Amarillo, Texas area?

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What is a jumping jack?

A jumping jack is a concrete machine used to compress various types of soil and gravel before concrete is poured. A jumping jack has a heavy metal plate on the bottom of the machine. The plate sits on the ground, and the machine makes the plate move very fast in an upward and downward motion.

Because the machine is heavy and with the jumping jack's quick upward and downward movement, the impact on the soil forces the soil and particulates underneath the machine down and compacts the base that concrete is poured onto. The machine is heavy, and as a result, the machine’s upward and downward motion is suitable for compacting almost any type of soil or base used underneath a concrete structure.

A jumping jack concrete machine is used in smaller and tighter areas where a plate compactor cannot fit. For instance, a trench is an example of where a jumping jack will be used.

Why do you need a jumping jack when pouring concrete?

As mentioned above, the jumping jack will pack the loose soil. In construction projects where concrete is poured, the subsurface must be stable and not move. Unpacked soil has pore space between the particles of soil. When you compact soil, the pore space is significantly reduced; using a jumping jack will increase the density of the soil.

The compaction of the soil also greatly reduces the rate at which water infiltrates the soil underneath the concrete after it is poured. Unpacked soil has large pores that water can enter. Smaller pores in the compressed soil underneath a concrete pour reduce the drainage rate.

How do you use a jumping jack?

Before using a jumping jack on any project, the worker must have proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Using the correct PPE will reduce the chances of injury resulting from using a jumping jack. Tascosa Building Products has a complete line of PPE equipment used on all your projects using a jumping jack.

First, the worker must ensure that the lubrication system has the oil replenished before starting the jumping jack. Make sure the gas tank is full. Keep an eye on the gas level as a jumping jack that runs out of fuel might cause the jumping jack engine to have seizures and not run properly.

Another item for the checklist before you start the engine of the jumping jack is to always check all of the bolts and screws on the machine. When a jumping jack is in operation, it vibrates constantly. Because of this vibration, bolts and screws can become loose. If a bolt or screw comes out during the use of the jumping jack, this could directly result in the malfunction and disassembly of parts of the jumping jack machine.

The worker will hold the jumping jack upright, start the engine, and quickly throttle the engine to its working speed. The worker will maneuver the jumping jack with the handle. Using a jumping jack is different than using a plate compactor. A plate compactor is used on a flat surface. A jumping jack is used in tighter areas like trenches.

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