What is construction safety clothing?

Safety clothing is personal protective equipment (PPE). A worker wears safety clothing to protect themselves from the risks of working around dangerous worksites. Most of the time, PPE construction clothing is used when the worksite is next to a road or highway. The type of clothing used is determined by the speed limit on the road or highway. Safety clothing is commonly referred to as clothing that helps to defend workers from hazardous work environments. Working next to a road or highway certainly is one of those situations. Safety clothing is the best line of defense for the worker from being injured on the job. Concrete Products PRO carries everything a worker needs to protect themselves in the workplace.

What are examples of safety clothing?

There are several primary forms of safety clothing that workers commonly use. Shirts are one of the most frequently used pieces of PPE equipment used by workers today. Shirts come in short and long sleeve PPE protective clothing. If the worker is in inclement and cold weather, safety jackets will keep the worker warm and dry. These types of PPE construction clothing are designed to make the worker stand out and be seen by others.

What are the characteristics of safety clothing?

PPE protective clothing has to be bright in color to be considered a highly visible piece of clothing. It has to stand out from everything else around the clothing. If a garment is highly luminescent and meets the industry standards for being highly visible, then and only then, can it be used as safety clothing. The clothing needs to make the worker easy to spot.

What colors are safety clothing?

The three most common colors are yellow, red, and orange. Depending on the situation, there are several different classes of clothing to wear. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a good resource for all employers to utilize in learning the standards for and the usage of safety clothing. The ANSI website is an excellent resource for determining the exact type of PPE construction clothing to wear on any job site. 

For instance, a worker working in a traffic situation may use one color over another based on the speed of the traffic in that location. Another factor to consider is how close the worker works to the traffic. A worker that works close to traffic will wear a specific type and color of safety clothing over the worker that works off the highway and away from traffic. 

ANSI considers three classifications of clothing a worker will use. Type one clothing has the lowest coverage and good visibility. Class 2 had moderate body coverage and superior visibility. Class 3 type of PPE construction clothing has the greatest body coverage and can be seen under low light conditions from far away. The employer has to assess each work location to determine what PPE safety clothing is best for that particular work location.

The PPE construction clothing type is another factor to consider. Depending on the time of year, one fabric may be advantageous over another fabric. If the worker is in a situation where chemicals are being used, the employer should use a type of material that protects the worker from potential chemical burns. Again, assess the situation and determine which fabric will work best in a particular situation.

PPE safety shirts are both long and short sleeves. Jackets are used in bad weather and have their own set of standards by ANSI. Again, become familiar with the ANSI standards and make sure you are buying the correct PPE protective clothing for a particular location.

Concrete Products PRO can assist with all your PPE construction clothing.

With all of the various types of PPE protective clothing available to you today, choosing the correct ones is a top priority for preventing injuries on the job. Call or visit Concrete Products PRO, and we will help you with all of your PPE protective clothing needs for any project.

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