Why wear a hard hat? 

The purpose of hard hats is to reduce potential injury to the head from falling objects. Injuries due to falling objects can be fatal to workers on any job. Wearing hard hats is a critical piece of protective gear for workers and should be utilized to keep the workplace safe. Concrete Products PRO has a complete selection of hard hats to fit any worker’s need.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that the results of not wearing the proper head protection equipment on a job directly correlate to the number of severe head injuries that happen in the workplace every year. Employers should ensure that all workers on a job site be protected from injury to the head from falling or protruding objects on the job site. Choosing the correct PPE hard hat for a specific job is essential.

Types of hard hats

Choosing the correct hard hat for the job is essential. Protecting the head is important because your head is the body’s nerve center. The brain is commonly referred to as the most critical organ in the body. A hard hat helps to keep this vital organ safe. There are several classifications of hard hats, and Concrete Products PRO can help you select the correct hard hat for the job.

A Type I hard hat will help reduce the impact of something hitting the crown (top) or your head. This type of hard hat can protect you from smaller items falling and striking in the head. It will protect workers if they rise and hit their heads on a stationary object. These hard hats are used by industries working in construction, road crews, and workers as required by OSHA.

A Type II hard hat will help reduce impacts to the head resulting from a lateral impact. The Type II hard hat needs to be utilized if you work around moving equipment or materials where a side blow might happen. The Type II hard hat is designed with a full brim around the entire hat and will reduce glare and help shade the face and neck in bright sunlight. Concrete Products PRO carry both types of hard hats to fit all your head needs.

Construction of a hard hat

There are two primary parts of a hard hat. The outer part of the hat is called the shell. The outer shell is usually made of hard plastic, fiberglass, or other material. The shell is a visible sign that the workers are taking steps to protect themselves on any job site. The other part of the hard hat is the suspension or “headgear.” The suspension part of the hard hat creates a gap between the worker and the hard hat itself. It is designed to absorb the blow when something impacts the hard hat.

Selection of a hard hat

You may need to make your choice of any hard hat that meets the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. ANSI manages the voluntary standards system on hard hats in the United States. Concrete Products PRO can help you decide the best hard hat for the job.

Select a comfortable fit when choosing a hard hat. Hard hats are being made today with lightweight materials. Comfortability for the worker using the hard hat needs to be considered. Also, make sure that the suspension part of the hard hat offers maximum comfort for the worker. Another thing to consider is choosing a hard hat that provides a suitable adjustment mechanism to ensure the hard hat fits the worker's head properly.

Inspect hard hats daily

For the safety and concern of all workers and your company, have workers inspect their hard hats daily. If there are dents and cracks in a hard hat, replace the hard hat immediately. Any frays or cuts in the suspension or straps on the hard hat should be addressed.

Concrete Products PRO can assist with all your hard hat needs

Stop in our store today and let our experts help you with any hard hat needed for any project.

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