Who has the best selection of concrete brooms in the Amarillo, Texas area?

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What is a concrete broom?

A concrete broom is used to create a finish on the surface of freshly poured concrete. This process has been used as long as workers have poured concrete. It is widely used on driveways, sidewalks, and patios. Another name for the process is brushed concrete. The concrete broom process makes the concrete more resilient and provides the surface area of the concrete with a more slip resistant texture. Concrete brooming of freshly poured concrete is very cost effective and relatively easy to accomplish.

What are the various aspects of a concrete broom?

Concrete brooms come in many varieties. Concrete finishing brooms typically have softer bristles than most regular sweep brooms. The reason for the softer bristles is to eliminate the broom from digging into the surface of the freshly poured concrete too much. With the concrete broom having softer bristles, using a concrete broom on freshly poured concrete will create a light texture after the concrete completely dries.

Concrete brooms come in a variety of widths. Some brooms have long handles, and some are used without long handles. Concrete brooms vary in width also. Depending on the project, use the width broom that best works for that project. Some concrete finishing brooms come with a rope and are pulled from side to side to give the concrete a broom look. Since there are so many types of concrete brooms on the market, visit with the staff at Tascosa Building Products, and they will assist you with the correct concrete broom for any project.

What are the downsides of using a concrete broom?

With all of the positive features of using a concrete broom, there are some negatives also. Understanding the end user’s requirements on the finish will determine if using a concrete broom is best. A concrete finish lasts forever unless it is modified after it dries. So, make sure that a broom finish is best for the customer.

The drawbacks of a broom finish are few, but they are essential to consider. A broom finish has a little rougher texture when the concrete dries. Some say this can hurt individuals’ feet when they walk on it. If you want to have a decorative finish to the concrete, brooming is probably not the type of finish you want to do. Because the rough finish exists on the top of the concrete after brooming freshly poured concrete, the rough texture will tend to trap dirt in the grooves of the concrete made by the broom concrete finish. Lastly, brooming freshly poured concrete can cause a slight variation in the color of the concrete.

What are the steps in finishing and brooming concrete?

Workers pour the slab in a typical concrete pour and then strike it off with a concrete screed tool. After that, workers will usually bull float the surface of the concrete. Water has to then bleed off and evaporate before the troweling process begins. After the concrete has been thoroughly troweled, workers can start the process of brooming the concrete.

One of the essential aspects of properly brooming concrete is timing. A worker cannot brush the surface of the concrete with a concrete broom too soon in the process, or it will weaken the surface of the concrete. A worker cannot wait too long to broom the surface of the concrete with a concrete broom because the surface of the concrete will not have enough texture. As in troweling, the weather has a lot to do with a freshly poured concrete surface brooming. As a general rule, the wait time on the freshly poured concrete brooming process is between 30 minutes and 4 hours.

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