Who has the best selection of concrete scrapers in the Amarillo, Texas area?

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What are the characteristics of a concrete scraper? 

A concrete scraper comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the most common types of concrete scarpers has a long metal pole with a metal concrete scraper at the end. The size of the concrete scraper comes in many different widths. Concrete scrapes also come in a size that fits the hand, and it does not have a long pole. There are other various sizes of concrete hand scrapers that come in sizes between these two types.

When using a concrete scraper on a long pole, remember that the scraper may need to be replaced from time to time. A good quality concrete scraper can be removed from the pole for replacement. Most of the time, this type of concrete scraper will have two wing nuts that you will remove in order to replace the existing scraper with a new one.

What are the various uses of a concrete scraper?

Concrete scrapers come in more uses than can be possibly talked about here. The basic concept of a concrete scraper is to scrape off of the concrete surface anything that is stuck to the surface of the concrete. Because the concrete scraper is made of durable metal, it will take almost anything from the surface of the concrete.

Let’s say that you wanted to refinish the surface of a concrete garage floor. Over time, the garage floor surface may have a build up of tar from an automobile coming in and out of the garage. This tar has to be removed before any resealing or painting of the garage floor takes place.

Another example of when you would use a concrete scraper is when a worker is removing existing flooring from a concrete slab surface in a home or office building. Maybe there was existing tile on the floor. All adhesives holding tile to the surface of the concrete floor must be removed before any work is to be done on the concrete. The concrete surface has to be at its original level and thoroughly cleaned before the concrete can be adequately treated. Carpet is sometimes held down with glue. Using a concrete scraping tool will remove all of the glues that held the flooring to the concrete slab.

The bottom line is that a concrete finish has to be adequately prepared for the next step to refinishing or reinstalling floor covering. A good quality concrete floor scraper can quickly remove build up and deposits attached to the concrete floor.

What are the classifications of a floor scraper?

Depending on the work that will be done on the concrete floor, a worker will use a specific type of concrete floor scraper. Concrete floor scrapes usually come in light, medium, and heavy duty classifications. You may need to use the heavy duty concrete floor scraper in a situation where there is a hard and heavy build up on the surface of a concrete floor. A medium or light concrete floor scraper may be the correct tool to use in a situation where the build up on the surface of the concrete floor is not as bad. This is where the staff at Concrete Products PRO can help. They can correctly point you in the correct direction for any of your projects.

Concrete Products PRO can assist with all your concrete scraper needs.

With all the various types of concrete scrapers on the market today, choosing the concrete scraper for your specific project is important. Just remember that Concrete Products PRO can order any type of concrete scraper on the market today and have it delivered directly to you. Call or visit Concrete Products PRO, and we will help you with all of your concrete scraper needs.