Who has the best selection of razor blades used on concrete in the Amarillo, Texas area?

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How are razor blades used in the concrete business today? 

If you stop to think, there are so many areas within the concrete business today where razor blades are used. With all shapes and sizes of razor blades and holders to use them in, razor blades have many purposes in the production of concrete. Maybe you are at the beginning of the concrete process and need to open a bag of concrete or sand. You are probably going to use a razor blade to open the bag.

Maybe you have already poured concrete and are in the clean upstage. Cleaning paint off concrete is a breeze by utilizing a razor blade. Or, let’s say you are finishing up some caulking and have a little too much caulk applied in an area where it was not needed. Razor blades are the best thing to get that caulk up.

Maybe you are about to apply some type of coating to a concrete floor or wall. You know that the area must be free and clean of debris and things attached to the concrete. Again, a razor blade is probably the tool you will use.

What is a razor blade scraper?

A razor blade scraper is a tool that holds a razor blade. The tool is used to remove things from where applications of adhesives, glue, labels, and other stuff from on the hard surface of any concrete structure. This razor scraper helps in the clean up process of any concrete slab or wall. It is sharp and handles most things that need to be removed from concrete.

How do I choose the correct size of a razor scraper for a job?

Selecting the correct size of a razor blade to complete a job is dependent on that particular job. Like choosing any tool for a specific job, selecting the right razor blade for removing unwanted materials from any concrete surface depends on the job itself. 

Maybe the area you need to clean is constricted and small. You will probably have to use a smaller razor blade. In a wide open space, the size of the razor blade to remove things from concrete that should not be there will be bigger.

Typically, razor blades come in a size between ¾ “ and 4”. If you need a bigger scraper than 4”, you will probably be using a metal scraper or joint knife. However, razor blades usually can take care of the smaller jobs easily.

What are construction razor blades made of? 

A construction razor blade that a worker would use on concrete is made from a corrosion resistant blend of carbide steel, usually in conjunction with a tungsten carbon compound. If a razor blade is exposed to moisture for a long period, it can rust. If the razor is still sharp, it can be cleaned and used again. However, most workers will throw away a razor with rust on it. 

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