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What is the difference between concrete and mortar?

Before we get into concrete mixers and talk about what they do, let’s make sure we understand the fundamental difference between mortar and concrete. Each of these has different applications, and one must understand the differences to know what type of machine to use in mixing each.

Mortar and concrete both have some essential ingredients. Each is made up of water, cement, and aggregate particulates. Each has a specific use. The difference between the two is the consistency of the final product mix and the type of particulate that goes into each product.

While mortar has smaller particles, concrete has larger particulates. The end product of concrete will be a mixture with bigger aggregate and will not be smoother like mortar. Both mortar and concrete will end up being strong for the specific use intended by each. Therefore, the machine for mixing concrete mixture is designed differently from the machine that mixes a mortar mixture.

What is a concrete mixture used for?

A concrete mixture is used to mix concrete that has larger particulates. These larger particulates are utilized to hold the concrete together better and to give it strength. Concrete mixed in a concrete mixer is used for slabs, driveways, and patios, for example. This type of pour requires larger aggregate and also uses rebar for better strength.

What is a concrete mixer?

A concrete mixer is a machine that is used to combine and mix concrete, water, sand, and aggregate (gravel). It is a powered device and a portable device with a rotating drum with blades inside the drum that catch and mix the concrete. The drum rotates and combines all of the ingredients to a needed mixture for a particular project.

How do you mix concrete?

Before starting any concrete mixing, ensure you have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Using the correct PPE will reduce the chances of being injured resulting from the mixing of the concrete. Concrete Products PRO has a complete line of PPE equipment used on all your projects.

The size of the project will determine how you will mix concrete. You can mix concrete in a tub or a concrete mixer. If the size of the project warrants, you may have concrete premixed in a concrete truck and delivered to the project.

Mixing concrete differs depending on the project. Sometimes, a project will warrant a stronger concrete final product. In that case, you may need to adjust the mixture. Just know that the staff at Concrete Products PRO can help you determine the correct mixture for various project needs.

Concrete is made up of sand, aggregates, cement, and water. In the interior of the concrete mixer, there are blades. The blades mix the mixture to the consistency needed as the concrete mixer turns.

First, place your aggregate, then your sand, and then your concrete. Mix the materials for about 3 minutes to ensure they are combined well. When this is completed, gradually add the amount of water needed for the correct mixture. Adding too much water will reduce the strength of the final concrete product.

After adding the water, run the concrete mixer for at least three minutes. This will ensure the mixture is combined correctly. Then, pour the concrete mixture into a wheelbarrow. Inspect the concrete. If the ingredients are separated from each other, the mixture is not properly mixed. Remix the concrete to the specifications needed for the project.

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