Who has the best selection of concrete accessories in the Amarillo Texas area?

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What are concrete accessories?

There is a lot involved when pouring concrete. Concrete cannot just be poured without all of the things that go in, under, and around the concrete that you pour. Accessories are a multitude of items that go into the formation of a quality concrete pour.

What are some examples of concrete accessories?

There are probably hundreds of examples of concrete accessories that are used to assure a concrete pour is done in a quality way. While we cannot list every concrete accessory, we want to highlight some of the more important concrete accessories that the staff of Concrete Products PRO can supply to you for your quality concrete pour.

Curing blankets are used after a concrete pour has been finished. A concrete blanket is used to make sure the hydration in the concrete setting process is maintained. They also allow heat to be maintained in the curing process especially in cold weather.

Dowels are used to join two individual concrete pours. They are a means of support for joining the two slabs. They assist in the load transfer between the two slabs and will reduce faulting in the future. They improve the performance of the two joined slabs.

Concrete expansion joint material is material that is placed inside expansion joints. An expansion joint is a cut in the concrete that separates the concrete into two different parts. This expansion joint allows the concrete to expand and contract. A temperature change can make concrete expand and contract. This expansion joint material is placed in the expansion joint to keep water out. Without expansion joints and the expansion joint materials, the concrete could crack and move in the future.

Polyethylene is a membrane that is installed underneath a concrete slab. It is also known as a vapor barrier. It prevents groundwater from wicking up into the concrete slab and entering into the concrete. This product comes in varied thicknesses. The staff at Concrete Products PRO can assist you with the correct membrane thickness.

A concrete sprayer is used to spray chemicals onto the concrete. It is used to spray sealants most of the time to protect the concrete. If there are uneven surfaces or if you are stamping concrete, a sprayer is good to have to assure you are obtaining consistent coverage on the concrete.

The reinforcement bar (rebar) is made of steel (sometimes fiberglass) and is placed inside the concrete pour. When the concrete is cured, the reinforcement bar will make the concrete stronger under tension. The reinforcement bar comes in many sizes and grades and will support the concrete.

Wire mesh is inside the concrete pour to make it strong. Wire mesh comes in rolls and is a grid pattern. When the wire mesh is laid down and suspended inside the concrete pour, it works like a reinforcement bar to strengthen the concrete. The wire mesh should cover the entire area of the length and width of the concrete pour.

Concrete Products PRO can assist with all your concrete accessory needs.

With the great number of concrete accessories available to concrete contractors today, the concrete accessories that are mentioned above are just a few. For any quality concrete pour, you will need specific types of concrete accessories to assure a quality concrete pour. Don’t guess what you will need for a job. The knowledgeable staff at Concrete Products PRO is always available to help you choose the exact type of concrete accessory you will need for every job.