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What is concrete epoxy flooring?

Epoxy floors are very durable. An epoxy floor is made and epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. When the two elements are combined and applied to a concrete floor, a chemical reaction takes place. The result is a very hard plastic coating material that is a permanent bond to the concrete floor.

Epoxy floors have characteristics that make them perfect for high traffic locations. Warehouses, industrial locations, and logistic centers are perfect for epoxy flooring. Once it sets, it becomes one of the hardest applications that you can have on a concrete floor. It works well in the automotive industry also because it resists chemical products. If the location utilizes forklift traffic, the epoxy floor on concrete is usually one of the best applications to use.

What are some of the advantages of an epoxy floor?

As previously stated, it is an application that makes the concrete floor very hard, and it resists a lot of different types of chemicals, acids, and solvents. Epoxy floors have a decorative aspect to them and can be very pretty after completion. Maintenance of epoxy floors is very easy. It is a quick process when an epoxy floor is applied. Another trait of an epoxy floor is that it comes in a lot of colors from solids to flakes.

What are some of the disadvantages of an epoxy floor?

Epoxy floors are best on concrete that has no defects like cracks and dips. Uneven surfaces tend to make the flooring look uneven after the epoxy floor is applied. The epoxy floor can be noisy. It is hard and foot traffic can be noticeable (heard). Epoxy floors tend to feel cold also. This can be eliminated with the use of underfloor heating. One important factor is the strong toxic fumes from the application of an epoxy floor. Also, it takes longer than other coatings to dry.

How do you install an epoxy floor?

On a newly poured slab, one should wait about a month before application. On either new or existing concrete, the floor should also be tested for moisture. Next, the floor has to be thoroughly cleaned of all chemicals, grease, and dirt. Any markings from tires and equipment need to be removed from the floor. Everything needs to be vacuumed off the floor and it needs to be high pressure washed. Then, the epoxy floor can be applied according to the epoxy manufacturer's specifications.

The first coat of epoxy will act as a primer and this coat will take approximately 24 hours to dry. Before applying the second coat, inspect the concrete for any problems. The Concrete Products PRO staff can explain further details in testing for moisture and the application.

Where can an epoxy floor be installed?

The quick answer to the question about where an epoxy floor can be installed is just about anywhere there is a concrete floor. Homes, garages, warehouses, showrooms, and anywhere you need to have a durable finish. Driveways, sidewalks, around pools are a few more places. Just remember, if there is a lot of foot traffic, the epoxy floor is one of the best types of flooring to apply on concrete.

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