Who has the best selection of concrete colors in the Amarillo Texas area? 

Concrete Products PRO is known in the Amarillo, Texas area for having the best selection of concrete colors offered to concrete contractors. At Concrete Products PRO, a concrete contractor has choices. A concrete contractor will find more than the regular powder dye for concrete. Concrete Products PRO is the only service provider in the entire state of Texas that offers liquid concrete dye.

What is a concrete dye solution?

Concrete dyes are the color penetrating solution that is applied to concrete or mixed into the concrete before the pour. Dyes come in water based and solvent based forms. Dyes are different from stains. Stains will chemically react with the concrete. Dyes will permeate the concrete material.

What is a concrete dye made of?

A concrete dye is a pigment. Concrete dyes give the concrete a different hue. The main ingredient in the concrete dye is Iron Oxide, a mineral. Concrete dyes are as permanent as stains. Dyes come in all types of colors and Concrete Products PRO can customize the color for your specific project. 

How do dyes work with concrete?

When you dye concrete, it does not chemically react with the concrete. Stains react with concrete and dyes do not. When you use a concrete dye, the dye penetrates the pores of the concrete. There is a big difference in dyes and stains. Dyes are nearly as long lasting as stains. The staff at Concrete Products PRO can explain these differences and guide you in deciding what you need for a particular project.

How are dyes applied?

Dyes are applied in several ways.

A contractor can apply dye after the concrete has hardened. In this case, the dye is a liquid form that is applied to the concrete. A contractor must take special care when applying this type of dye. This type of application requires special skills so that the dye is applied evenly with no gaps in coverage.

Dye also comes in a powder form that is mixed into the wet concrete in the mixing process. These types of dyes come in a bag. The contractor simply pours the bag of die in the concrete mixer and it dissolves into the concrete during the mixing process. Some manufacturers of the powder dye have bags that will dissolve into the concrete mixture. Be careful if you put the whole bag into the mixer as sometimes the bag will not dissolve correctly and you will have traces of the bag in the pour.

Concrete dye also comes in a mixable liquid form. The dye is mixed into the concrete mixture while it is mixing the wet concrete. This type of dye is considered to be the best way to dye the concrete. Concrete Products PRO will help you on any project with wet dye.

Concrete Products PRO is the only supplier of “wet dye” in Texas.

Tascosa Building Products is the only company in the State of Texas that offers the liquid type of dye to concrete contractors. Come in and visit with the staff of Tascosa Building Products and they will give you a tour of the wet dye process. With this process, you can customize the exact color you need for a project.

What you will see are many huge containers of wet dye. These containers are connected to a mixing computer. Your specific color can be developed by the computer. When you use a liquid dye for your concrete, it mixes throughout the compound in a much better way than when you use the powder form of the dye.

Tascosa Building Products can assist with all your stamped concrete needs.

With all of the various types of concrete dyes on the market today, choosing the correct dye for your specific project is important. Call or visit Tascosa Building Products, and we will help you with everything you need for your concrete dye needs.