Who has the best selection of concrete paving products in Amarillo Texas?

Concrete Products PRO is known in the Amarillo, Texas area for having the best selection of products for concrete slabs offered to concrete contractors. At Concrete Products PRO, a concrete contractor has choices. A concrete contractor will find a great selection of concrete slab products and more. Visit with the friendly staff at Concrete Products PRO for all your concrete slab products needs.

What is a concrete slab project?

Concrete slabs are very common and are around you all day long. A concrete slab is a structural component of almost every building and home you see today that has a concrete floor structure. A concrete slab is intended to create a flat horizontal surface so that the rest of the building or home is supported on top of the concrete slab. Some concrete slabs have a support structure of beams, walls, and other supporting devices. Other concrete slabs use only the ground as their support structure. A concrete slab is designed to last as long as the useful life of the components built on top of the concrete slab.

What are the types of concrete slabs?

There are so many types of concrete slabs that it would be hard to list all of them here. If you are building a patio, you are going to use a different type of slab as you would if you were building a home. Determining the type of slab for your particular project is important. If you do not know the type of slab you need to build, visit the staff at Concrete Products PRO and they will get you pointed in the correct direction.

Does a concrete slab have support inside the concrete?

Yes. If you were to pour a slab for a home and you did not have support inside the slab, it would shift and separate in a short amount of time because of soil movement or pressure on the slab. Therefore, steel reinforcement wire or welded wire is used inside the concrete pour to keep tension on the concrete and to prevent the concrete from shifting or separating. It allows it to hold together as a single unit. As in concrete paving, the use of chairs and bar supports is essential.

What is the process of pouring a concrete slab?

Pouring a concrete slab is an extensive process. If you are at a starting point in your concrete paving process and are unsure where to turn, meet with your Concrete Products PRO staff and they can assist you with your concrete slab project. However, there are basic steps to installing a concrete slab project.

The most important step is the first one and that is site preparation. Pouring a slab the correct way is very challenging and site preparation has to be right or the slab can fail in the future. There has to be a level surface and a sub base of fill gravel will be needed. Next, the correct placement of forms takes place. Forms are placed properly for a proper grade.

After the concrete is poured, it is finished with troweling and brooming. Then the slab has to have time to cure and the first 48 hours are the most important. Sealing of the concrete is next.

Concrete Products PRO can assist with all your slab projects. 

Concrete slab installation is a complex project from design specifications to the final installation. Consult Concrete Products PRO to assure all the steps in the process are conducted properly. With all the various types of concrete slab products on the market today, choosing concrete slab products for your specific project is important. Call or visit Concrete Products PRO, and we will help you with everything you need for your concrete slab project needs. The staff of Concrete Products PRO can walk you through the concrete slab process.