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What is a concrete urethane coating product?

A urethane coating consists of a polymer urethane resin. It binds to a concrete floor. It is very durable and resists chemicals, heavy traffic, and weather abrasions. In addition, it is odor free and environmentally friendly. The main product is a urethane coating is soybeans. It is one of the industry’s most affordable types of coatings for concrete flooring for larger projects. It costs less than epoxy.

How long does urethane last on concrete?

The great thing about a urethane finish is how long it lasts. Known to be very durable, it will last for up to 30 years. It protects against fungus and bacteria growing on the surface of the concrete. It can be washed and sanitized regularly without losing its properties.

What are some of the advantages of urethane coatings on concrete?

Since urethane products applied to the concrete are durable, they are best used when there are chemical spills and heavy traffic. Urethane is used most often when you need a coating to hold up. It has a strong resistance to harsh concrete damage like in machine shops and production facilities. Urethane works well with extreme temperature changes and can be washed down regularly without losing properties. Also, it is very slip resistant.

Urethane coatings are known for their nice looking appearance. It is used regularly in places open to high public traffic like sports complexes, hotels, and showrooms. Plus, it can be customized in color to fit any situation. Any company that has a large amount of concrete flooring can customize the urethane color for decorative purposes.

How long does it take to apply urethane to a concrete floor?

Urethane is known as a product that can be applied in a relatively short amount of time. As in any coating applied to concrete, the floor must be cleaned thoroughly. Any non concrete material (dirt, tire marks, paint) must be removed from the concrete before the urethane application. If the concrete surface is uneven, grind the concrete down smoothly. A concrete primer needs to be applied first and then followed by a urethane topcoat. The drying time is between 2 to 5 hours. After that, the urethane floor can have traffic. The good thing about urethane is that there are no toxic fumes with this product, which is environmentally friendly.

Is using urethane better than using epoxy? 

Depending on the location of the application process, most of the time, urethane is more used than epoxy. First, there is no odor, and you do not have to have protective gear to apply urethane as it is environmentally safe to use. Second, it can last up to 4 times longer than its epoxy counterpart. Third, it is more impact resistant than epoxy. With urethane products, you have more options in finishing the concrete floor. Also, urethane does not bind to concrete like epoxy coatings. Urethane can be used in conjunction with epoxy when applied as a topcoat to epoxy concrete floors. Urethanes are used over epoxies as a topcoat. Urethanes do have an odor if it is solvent based.  Water Based is used right over concrete.  Typically, epoxy is used for a high build floor where a solvent-based urethane is placed over the top.

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