Who has the best selection of on site concrete chemicals in the Amarillo Texas area? 

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When do you mix in a concrete chemical? 

Chemicals are usually added at the job site. Concrete is usually mixed for 30 minutes and no more than two hours from the batch plant. When the truck gets to the job site, chemicals are put into the concrete mixture just before the pour occurs. When using chemicals, the concrete contractor is varying the setting time and workability of the contract. 

What are some of the reasons you use a concrete chemical? 

Sometimes a concrete chemical can be used to restore concrete. Let’s say the concrete from the truck is too close to the setting stage. A concrete chemical can be used to extend the set time and allow it to be workable. This allows for time to pour and finish the concrete properly. 

There are concrete chemicals that will affect the flowability of the concrete. Some chemicals are used in concrete in cold weather locations to improve the durability of the concrete for years to come. Concrete chemicals can be used to increase the setting rate of the concrete when need be. 

In many cases, concrete chemicals are used to increase the strength of the concrete. This might be a high traffic area like a parking garage or a road that specifies that the concrete must have a high hardness property. 

Another reason one would use a concrete chemical is because of the type of finish on the concrete. If you are stamping concrete for a sidewalk or patio, you will want the set time to be able to make the stamping of the concrete happen. A swirl finish might need a certain set time to accomplish. 

What are the different types of chemicals used in concrete? 

Many different chemicals can be used in concrete. Each chemical has a specific use. Selecting the correct chemical is a must for the concrete to be set the proper way and according to the specifications of the concrete. Let’s address a few of the types. 

A water reducer is used in concrete to allow the concrete to get to the desired consistency by using less water. Water can be reduced between 6% and 10%. Using a water reducer can make the concrete have a higher strength. You can also make the setting time more resistant using water reducers. 

A retarding chemical is used to slow down the setting rate of concrete. For instance, hot temperatures sometimes cause concrete’s hardening rate to increase. A retardant chemical delays the timeframe of concrete setting. 

An accelerating chemical is usually used in cold weather. By adding an accelerating chemical, you are speeding up the start of the finishing process. It also can be used to reduce the curing time. 

A superplasticizer is used to reduce the water mixture even more than a regular water reducer. When using a superplasticizer, one needs to make sure the concrete is worked at a constant rate because there is a short time frame that the superplasticizer lasts in the concrete mixture. 

A corrosion inhibiting chemical is used will help slow the pace at which the reinforcement steel in the concrete corrodes. The corrosion inhibiting chemical is designed for concrete near the ocean and around bridges where chemicals are used on the highway. 

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