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What is concrete equipment?

Concrete equipment is power machines that are utilized in the entire process of installing concrete. There are many types of machines that are used in all steps of installing concrete. Below, we will cover some of the most common.

Examples of concrete equipment

A power mortar mixer combines mortar, a blend of cement, lime, and sand. It is used to hold together stones, concrete blocks, and bricks. It is smoother than concrete because mortar does not have rock and gravel. There are several types of mortar mixers.

A power concrete mixer is typically a concrete mixer that has a revolving drum. Sand, aggregate, water, and cement are placed in the rotating drum. The drum revolves around until the mixture is ready to use, and then the drum tilts downward, so the mixture pours into a wheelbarrow.

A walk-behind trowel machine is a machine that is used to finish concrete that has been freshly poured. A worker walks behind the machine. The trowel machine is designed to remove the hills and valleys that still remain in the concrete during the finishing process. It flattens and helps draw water out of the freshly poured concrete.

A plate compactor is a walk-behind machine that compacts the soil not to move downward after the concrete is poured on top of it. In working with concrete, a worker must make sure that the ground underneath where the concrete will be poured is compacted.

Power jumping jacks are like power plate compactors but are used in smaller areas. If there is a mixed condition to the soil, a power jumping jack is considered better to use. Another name for a power jumping jack is rammer. Using a power jumping jack will remove air and water from the soil.

A vibrator is used after the concrete is poured and is placed into the wet concrete. It vibrates the concrete around to take out the air bubbles in the concrete. This increases the structural integrity of the concrete when it hardens. It improves the appearance and quality of the concrete.

A laser level is used to make sure that the forms are level, and it makes sure that the forms are at the correct height. If you have embedded items such as bolts or anchors, a laser level will ensure these items are at the right height. A laser level operates by projecting a beam of light around the pour site so that one can make sure everything is in order and at the proper height. A laser level takes the place of a string line.

A groove cutter, sometimes called groovers, is a piece of concrete equipment that is used in place of a concrete saw that cannot be used at that particular location of the concrete pour. Like a concrete saw, a groove cutter will saw into the concrete to make control joints. A groove cutter is typically used on driveways, residential slabs, walkways, and sidewalks.

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