Who has the best selection of concrete repair products in the Amarillo, Texas area? 

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What are concrete repair products? 

Sometimes, existing concrete pours have defects. These defects can be chips, cracks, or impairments to the concrete. These can be caused for a number of reasons, such as physical impacts to the concrete and even the weather. It is essential to repair these defects so that they do not become more extensive or lead to a more significant weakness in the concrete. 

What are some examples of concrete repair products? 

Below lists just a few concrete repair products. Concrete Products PRO has most of these products on hand. Just know that Concrete Products PRO can order any type of concrete repair product on the market. We will address only a few of the specific products carried by Concrete Products PRO that will help you in the repair of concrete. 

A crack spall repair product is used to correct spalls in concrete. A spall is when the top of the concrete surface flakes off, and you can see the rocky underlayer. Sometimes water will enter the concrete and freeze. When the water expands, it pushes between the layers of concrete and spalls the concrete. This can be easily repaired by using crack spall repair. 

Crackbond is a product that does several things. If you have a moving crack in a concrete, you can use Crackbond to fill in the crack and prevent water from intruding, freezing, and making the crack bigger. It is also used either on the interior or exterior to fill control joints, and construction saw joints on horizontal. This product is designed to keep water and materials out of a joint.


Ultrabond 2100 is an epoxy adhesive product. It is a two component epoxy and is considered to by high strength. It can be used on the interior, and exterior concrete pours. It can be mixed with aggregate to repair mortar spiral. It bonds and seals the portion of the concrete being repaired. This product can be combined with silica sand as a mortar repair material and on a self leveling spall. It can be used in damp environments.


Jet Patch is a rapid setting patch product that uses Portland Cement, aggregates, and admixtures. This is a very high strength product. It is suitable for all types of concrete repair to include roads, sidewalks, highways, and concrete slabs. It is a flowable, self compacting patch that can be used to depths of 3 inches. You simply mix Jet Patch with water, and it is used in applications requiring rapid strength gain.


Miracle Bond can be used for not only vertical and horizontal repairs but also most overhead repairs. It is more robust than concrete and has just a slight odor to the product. It glues and bonds almost any material together. Miracle Bond is great on concrete, brick, spalls, voids, and cracks in concrete.  It does not drip or sag. Miracle Bond can be used with most paints or coatings. 

Concrete Products PRO can assist with all your concrete repair products needs. 

With the significant number of concrete repair products available to concrete contractors today, concrete repair products that are mentioned above are just a few. For any quality concrete pour, you might need specific types of concrete repair products to ensure a quality concrete. Don’t guess what you will need for a job. The knowledgeable staff at Concrete Products PRO is always available to help you choose the exact type of concrete repair products you will need for every job.